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Sales Policy
Every item we sell here are carefully, conservatively and we try as much to clearly categorised/described so that you know what you are buying on the as it is listed/represented basis. Please feel free to ask us more detailed questions and photographs about the item before ordering or making payment. As a responsible Seller, we feel obligated to promote a healthier trading environment for fellow Asian Works of Art & Antique lovers. Happy Browsing my cataloque. Please don't rush into it as there is no bidding war here!!! By confirmed(paid) buying/ordering our items you therefore agree to the following terms and conditions of business with our store and following disclaimer : * You are buying/agree on the purchased item as described on the item description section and category on Trocadero site. Please do not expect or assume or presume that there is any implied warranty, whether is it implicit/explicit expressed kind of warrantee or guarantee, and we cannot liable for any errors and omissions or negligence in informations used or gathered in description or provided thru emails, to satisfy yourself please conduct or do practise extra due diligence, conduct extra investigation thru independent experts on the piece and further research or study on the interested piece(especially antique/artifact) before ordering as we have ample time for you satisfy your concerns once you ask us to hold the said item. If we do not specifically say it in the Trocadero listing material, we can not provide any warrantee or any sort of guaranteed representation on regard to age of any items offered for sale, as opinions are known to vary from one expert to the next and etcs. If you feel uncertain about any informations, authenticity claims or conditions presented in our descriptions/ materials in Trocadero, please ask us before you decide on buying it. We will be happy to refund the payment minus restocking fee (20%) and not including shipping, handling, and insurance costs, if we have significantly misrepresented the item in the Trocadero listing categories(as antique piece). Refund will be made after the item is returned to us in its original condition in two weeks after the item has been shipped by us. Payment is expected within 7 days of the deal sealed. We do not want any buyer who intends to buy it just to obtain a chance to study the item and ask for refund as it is a loss loss deal for both. If you are not confident with our dating and are not prepared to own this item, please do not order.

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